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[82 minute documentary feature]

In South Africa & elsewhere very little is known about John Harris

– [no relation to the Producer / Director of this documentary] –

beyond the one-dimensional headline

John Harris – the Johannesburg Station Bomber”.

There is an often-quoted proverb that says:

“The road to hell is paved with good intention”.

Indeed, there can be no greater tragedy than when good intention,

in fact – does “pave the way to hell”.

Between 1961 and 1989, 132 political prisoners were executed by hanging at Pretoria Central Gallows.

Many were young – Solomon Mahlangu – executed in 1979, was 22 years old when hanged.

All save one were black.

John Harris – hanged at age 27 – was the only white person to be executed for fighting apartheid.

Hanged on the 1st April 1965 – on death row – John Harris had one final request:

that “one day in a new and free South Africa, on his tombstone should be written: ‘John Harris – True Patriot’.


Written & Directed by Kevin Harris

Offline & Online Editor – Thabiso Motlhakoana

Final Mix – Mike Berridge

Archive Research Assistant – Xolani Nameko

Wardrobe – Sue Steele

Narrated by Gladys Sithole


Jill Wentzel

Terry Bell

Stephanie Kemp

Donovan Daniels

Jane Harris

David Wolfe

Lynn Harris Ballen

Benjamin Pogrund

Solomon Lesito


Vanessa Cooke

Gabi Harris

[no relation to John Harris]

James Whyle

Produced by

Kevin Harris Productions

© 2022

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