The Best Among People

The Best Among People – a 48-minute documentary commissioned by SABC 2 for broadcast on “Issues of Faith”

In a world of heightened racial prejudice, xenophobia and religious fundamentalism & bigotry – “The Best Among People” is a living universal example of respect and tolerance of humanity by individuals within an organisation that actively seeks to build bridges between people of different cultures and religions engendering goodwill, harmonious coexistence, tolerance and mutual respect.

“The best among People,” tells the life story and spiritual journey of Dr Imtiaz Sooliman founder and driving force behind the “Gift of the  Givers” organization. The “Gift of the Givers” – also known as the Waqful Waqifin Foundation – is today the largest disaster response NGO of African origin on the African continent.

Founded in 1992 the Gift of the Givers has delivered life-saving aid in the form of Search and Rescue teams and related assistance to millions of people in 41 countries, including South Africa.

In addition, the organization now has 21 categories of community development projects which range from bursaries, agricultural self-sustainability & water provision to counselling and life skills services.
Against the backdrop of the implementation of these community programs & worldwide relief and aid projects “The Best among People” tells the personal story of Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, the spiritual journey that led to the foundation of the “Gift of the Givers”; the vision and motivation of the man that is the daily driving force behind an organisation that has dramatically changed the lives of millions of people around the world.


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