“The Right Time” – 45 minutes – [1983]

Workshopped with the township-youth, this film examines many facets of teenage-life in the townships including issues such as sexuality, rape and unwanted teenage pregnancies.

The Right Time is a statement on the problems facing young Blacks growing up and approaching adulthood in the environment created by the South African “township” situation – (pre-1984).

Focusing on the phenomenon of unwanted teenage pregnancies the documentary unfolds through the dramatisation of four representative case histories.

In this way, the total spectrum of contributing factors from the breakdown in parent-child communication to the aggravating effect of migratory labour and the establishment of single-sex male hostels in townships – is presented.

With the exception of professional actor, Sam Williams, all roles are played by members of the communities in which the dramatisation is set.

The issues presented and the overall content and final message of the film all arise from intensive workshopping sessions held over a period of many months with the committee and members of the Merlen House Youth Centre in Johannesburg.

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