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“Education in South Africa” – 4 x part series on issues relevant to the transformation of the education system; [ 1994 ]


“Of Courage & Consequence” – the 1hr documentary on the bitter-sweet journey of South Africa’s youth across the cutting edge of the political landscape of the past twenty years; nominated for an ARTES AWARD for BEST DOCUMENTARY of 1995;


“SABC TV 20 Years – the untold story” – a 52 minute documentary on the political history of SABC Television; [ 1995 / 6 ]


“Somebody’s Children” – a 28 minute documentary on the “street children”; [ 1995 ]


“Heroes & Villains – Good Cop, Bad Cop” – the 52 minute documentary on corruption & transformation in the SA Police Services; [ 1996 ]


“MARGINS” – the four-part drama/documentary series comprised of:
1] “Young-blood” – the two-part 52 minute drama / documentary which gives expression to contemporary concerned young black opinion on issues of teenage-pregnancy, child abuse, teenage sexuality, rape & AIDS against the back-drop of crime & violence that make up present-day township life;
2] “Visions of Street-writers” – the two part 52 minute drama / documentary scenario workshopped with six “street-writers” – which reflects on circumstances that lead to & are an integral part of the homeless & destitute; [ 1996 ]


“Save the Children” – the 28 minute documentary looking at “child-abuse” & the option of “fostering” in the context of the homeless communities in South Africa today; [ 1996 ]


“Robert Sobukwe – a Tribute to Integrity” – the two part 52 minute documentary on the life and times of Robert Sobukwe; [ 1997 ]


“Behind Bars” – the 48 minute documentary looking “behind bars” – investigating conditions, corruption & transformation in the Dept of Correctional Services in South Africa today; [ 1997 ]


“Rainbow Courage – A Tribute” – the 26 minute documentary tribute to South Africans who have shown courage & commitment to the “new South Africa” in the face of violence & crime: [ 1997 ]


“Long Walk Home” – the 2 x 24 minute episode documentary on the walk undertaken by exiled poet, musician, economist & journalist – Boudewijn Wegerif – from Sweden to Cape Town – to bring attention to debt oppression, economic injustice & usury; [ 1998 ]


“Matters of Life & Death” – the 48 minute documentary looking at the state of health services delivery with a principal focus on Johannesburg Hospital; [ 1998 ]


“Vis-a-Vis” – “Black & Blue” – the International Co-production with Internews New York / Paris & PBS USA – inter-relating the lives of a black South African policeman from SOWETO & an African-American policeman in Philadelphia; [ PBS – USA – 1998 ]


“Unfinished Business” – the 50 minute feature documentary dealing with “the test of faith” of Joe Seremane & his journey to bring back the physical remains of his younger brother Timothy from exile & uncover the truth surrounding Timothy’s execution by ANC Military Tribunal at Quatro Camp, Angola in 1981.




The programme is directed by Kevin Harris & is an international co-production between ABC [ Australia ], Journocam Productions, SABC & Kevin Harris Productions. – [ SABC 2 ] – [ ABC Australia ]; [ 1999 ]

This production has been awarded a “Special Commendation” by the United Nations Media Peace Awards – Television Category – for 1999.


“What God wants ….?” – a 26 minute documentary on religion & homelessness in South Africa; [1999]


“Soweto – the passion … the pain …” & “Soweto – no more the ‘ghetto’” – the two x 56 min documentary on Soweto past & present;





[1999 / 2000 ]


“Tough-love, Sex, Poverty, Infidelity …?” – the 52 min documentary special on AIDS in South Africa produced for International AIDS Day – 2000;


“Youth Centres – Models of Excellence” – a 15 minute Corporate Promotional Video for the Planned Parenthood Association of SA on “youth & AIDS” & the role of PPASA Youth Centres; [2000]


“Critical Mass” – 20 minute documentary looking at the multifaceted operation of FRU – the Film Resource Unit and their commitment to the creation of an Afro-centric film & video culture in South Africa; [ 2001]


“Judgement Day” – the 59 minute documentary feature on the current situation in Israel / Palestine taking as a reference point the struggle for liberation in South Africa. Co-produced & broadcast by M-NET & awarded the “best documentary” for 2002 at the Apollo Film Festival.



Carte Blanche episodes – [2002]
i] Beyers Naude – A Tribute;
ii] Dewald Pretorius – Small Beginnings – [ story of young SA A-side cricketer who grew up in an orphanage in Bloemfontein];
iii] Zambian Mischief – political shenanigans in current Zambian politics;


“Shapes of things to Come” – 26 minute documentary looking at Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Enhancement in South Africa; [2002]


Special Assignment episode – [2003]
“Conduct Unbecoming”– A special report for SABC 3’s Special Assignment program looking at medical malpractice in the field of “plastic surgery” in South Africa today.


“Delmas – the passion … the pain” – The 52 minute documentary on the so-named “Delmas Treason Trial” – longest running political trial in South African history which took its course from 1985 to 1990. The documentary looks at the people caught up in political events that precipitated the trial and the effects of the trial on the families of activists incarcerated as a result of this final phase of internal resistance to the grand apartheid design. [2004]


“Sandton via Soweto – return” – The 54 minute documentary, looking at the phenomenon of township families who, over the past decade, have moved to the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg – reflecting on how they see their new environment in relation to their township roots. Commissioned by the Goethe Institute. [2005]


“1976 – FINGER ON THE TRIGGER” – Written & directed by Guy Hubbard & Zingi Mkefa. Produced & photographed by Kevin Harris. 2 x 24min episode documentary on SA photo-journalist Peter Magubane with a particular focus on his involvement in the June 16th 1976 Soweto student uprising. The documentary is directed by Guy Hubbard & Zingi Mkefa & produced by Kevin Harris as part of the Documentary Director Mentorship Program run by the Rainbow Documentary Production Collective. [2006]


“FOR BETTER – FOR WORSE” – 24 mins, written & directed by Jonathan Boynton-Lee. Produced & Photographed by Kevin Harris. A deeply personal character study on the lives of Dr Ceiri and Angus Alexander, and the children they treat at Red Cross Children’s Hospital. We take a journey with them and experience their work with our countries children. We join them in moments of reflection and fear, follow their trials and tribulations, constantly staring death in the face. Written & Directed by Jonothan Boyntan-Lee. Produced / Cinematography by Kevin Harris. [2006]


“DESMOND & LEAH TUTU – A Love Divine” – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. A documentary exploration of the life & marriage of Desmond & Leah Tutu and the love that has kept them together for the past fifty-years. Part of the SABC 3 series, “’Til Death us do Part”. [2006]


“IN THE DOCK” – 48 mins – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. The introspective personal journey of local South African anti-Apartheid film-maker Kevin Harris – looking back at his life-experience and the long road that led to the “Delmas Treason Trial”. [2007]


“IN THE SHADOWS OF BEAU BASSIN” – 48 mins – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. Europe – 1940. As Adolf Hitler’s intent becomes clear, thousands of Jews – denied travel documents -frantically attempt to flee the continent and Nazi persecution. After months of fear, intimidation & uncertainty – on September 4th two ships – the Uranus and the Helios – edge their way down the River Danube – destination Palestine. [2007]


“LIFE IS ART” – the story of Mpumelelo Paul Grootboom. Written & directed by Jonathan Boynton-Lee. Edited by CA Van Aswegen. Photographed & Produced by Kevin Harris. A 48 minute documentary on the life of acclaimed provocative South African playwrite, Paul Grootboom. [2008]


“THE STORY OF ENOS MAFOKATE” – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. From groom to International Champion Horseman, for Enos Mafokate – born into the discriminatory era of Apartheid South Africa – it’s been a long hard road. The first black South African to compete & triumph in international show -jumping – Enos has a deep spiritual relationship with “the horse” & has devoted his life’s work to the care of horses in South Africa’s townships. [2009]


“THE BARTIE LEISHER STORY” – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. Born in Mayfair Johannesburg in 1962 – the youngest of nine siblings – Bartie Leisher at age 23 became the youngest South African jockey to earn Springbok Colours. He again took SA colours in 1985. [2009]


“ZIMBABWE – A NEW DAWN” – Episodes 1 & 2 – Written, directed & photographed by Kevin Harris. In June 2009, Tellytrack SA commissioned Kevin Harris to travel to Harare, Zimbabwe to cover the Borrowdale Turf Club’s Golden Jubilee celebration-weekend of 28th June. The brief included affirming the tenacity of the horse-racing fraternity in Zimbabwe & to promote support for the industry amongst the South African horse-racing industry Tellytrack viewership. [2009]


“From the Edge” – A documentary-director mentorship project. Kevin Harris mentored ten first-time documentary directors with the twelve-part documentary series, “From the Edge” – supported by the NFVF – and commissioned by SABC2, broadcast in 2010. [2009 / 2010]


“Remember Africa – remember Sobukwe” – In the dawning hours of the 21st of March 1960, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe left his home in Mofolo, Soweto and began the 5km walk to the Orlando Police Station. In so doing, he was personally putting into action his nation-wide call for a decisive non-violent campaign against the “pass laws”.



“Zimbabwe – past the post … on a dark horse” – This documentary cuts to the heart of Zimbabwe – peeling away the many layers & their respective differing realities – that make up the complex Zimbabwean society of today.






“Golfing legend Gary Player looks back on his life and his passion for Golf & Horses” – THURS 29TH SEPT 2011 – WINNER’S CIRCLE – SSPORT 2 – CH202 – 8.30PM [Also broadcast on Tellytrack – Ch 232 on Thurs evening after the completion of the day’s live racing events]



“Prof Tim Noakes” – FOR BROADCAST THURS 10TH NOV 2011 – WINNER’S CIRCLE – SSPT 6/CH206 – 8.30PM. [Also broadcast on Tellytrack – Ch 232 on Thurs evening in the broadcast “loop” after the completion of the day’s live racing events] Prof Tim Noakes, Head: UCT Research Unit, Exercise Science & Sport Medicine gives an interesting perspective on what it takes – from a sporting point of view – to be a successful professional jockey.



“Umuhle … Omubi – the good one, the bad one” – [2012 / 13] – [Broadcast on SABC 2 “Hidden Histories” – 30th June 2013] – The story of John Sydney Marwick who led the 10 x day march from Johannesburg to Pietermaritzburg in 1899 to repatriate 7 000 Zulu labourers stranded on the Rand & faced with starvation & destitution with the outbreak of the second Anglo Boer War.

“Remember Dr Melville Edelstein – the life & death of a good man” – [2012 / 13] – [Broadcast on SABC 2 “Issues of Faith” – 16th June 2013] – The life and times of Dr Melville Edelstein murdered by a crowd of enraged students after the police shootings that precipitated the June 16th 1976 uprising in Soweto.


“VERCINGETORIX – the legacy – 2014″ – 22 minute documentary on the Riverside Grooms’ Coop & how they bought, reared & sold for 1.4 Million Rand the South African bred champion Vercingetorix.


“TO BE A CHAMPION – 2014″ – 48 minute documentary on the 2013 / 2014 National Jockey Championship & what it took for 28-yr-old S’manga Khumalo to be the first Black jockey to take the title.

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