“Of Courage & Consequence” – 1995





The 1hr documentary on the bitter-sweet journey of South Africa’s youth across the cutting edge of the political landscape of the past twenty years; nominated for an ARTES AWARD for BEST DOCUMENTARY of 1995.


Of Courage & Consequence is a personal testimony from across the spectrum of South African youth on the bitter-sweet realities of growing up as young South Africans in the wake of the apartheid era; what they have experienced over the past two decades and the position that they find themselves in today.

As such, the documentary profiles youth from different walks of life – across a spectrum including ex- SADF National Serviceman, MK guerilla, [SDU] Self-defense-Unit Commander and emerging new-Afrikaner businessman. With the majority of young people, disadvantaged and brutalized by the circumstances of the country’s recent history, the documentary looks at the need for reconstruction of their lives through education & life-skills training, as well as healing through psychological reconstruction & counseling.

“Of Courage & Consequence” is further a call for South Africans to acknowledge the horrors of their immediate past in order that they may lay to rest the ghosts that haunt their national psyche.

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