“Behind Bars” – 1997

The 48 minute documentary looking “behind bars” – investigating conditions, corruption & transformation in the Dept of Correctional Services in South Africa today.

BEHIND BARS – 52 minute documentary

Across South Africa today -in 229 prisons – there are currently some 126 000 prisoners. Of these, some 10 500 are juveniles and 2 900 women.

“Behind Bars” speaks to a variety of prisoners & prisons personnel to get behind the scenes of prison conditions in South Africa today – covering the spectrum of awaiting-trial, sentenced, female & juvenile prisoners. The documentary looks at transformation in the Dept of Correctional Services & gets comment from Correctional Services Commissioner Khulekani Sitole examining issues of corruption, overcrowding, incarceration of hardened offenders, rehabilitations prisons management.

Prisons covered include Johannesburg Prison [ “Sun City ” ], Pollsmoor, Krugersdorp, Brandviei Youth Correctional Centre & the
Ekuseni Youth Development Centre.

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